The Most Common Components of a Community

Beginning Bloggers’ Circle


What is a Community?  By definition the Merrimack-Webster Dictionary claims it is “a unified body of individuals: such as a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.” In other words, a community could be a neighborhood.  A neighborhood perhaps consists of social groups that share these common interests.  A group may take shape as a circle forming a tight unified effort to reach a goal.

So, our first component of a community is obviously a group of people.  When writing a blog, you start out by moving into a distinct neighborhood called a niche.  Your articles, posts, pictures and all the behind the scenes fonts, tags, and categories address your community.  How do you find this niche?  When looking for a house in a certain neighborhood, you would call a realtor.  But when looking for your niche, you call on yourself.  Introspective questions and examination is your best bet brainstorming possible ideas and narrowing them down by your highest interests and knowledge base.

Louisa May Alcott by Norman Rockwell writing

I just moved into a new home the weekend of last Christmas.  Although the past two years I previously lived in the same town but in an apartment, it wasn’t until I started to settle into the house I truly felt part of the town.   How do you become part of your neighborhood?  What is it in your community you share with others?  Do you enjoy the arts and cultural aspects of your community?  Is it recreation and entertainment that attracts you?  Or does it come down to the people who share the space with you? These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself.

Gram’s Kitchen

A community is comprised of common interests.  Are your interests the same as your niche?  That is the number one question!  As a blogger you hope and work hard searching for the interests you share with your audience.  My audience target are grandmothers, housewives, mothers, and maybe a percentage of baby boomers.  Thinking to myself, “what kind of interests do these type of populations share?”  It occurs to me family, cooking/food, struggles, antiques, grandchildren, relationships, and  reminiscing the past open up a great deal of topics.  I realize though that much of these topics are common and rather ordinary.  That is why I embrace it!  “Come in and enjoy the beauty of the ordinary because momentous moments are found in our ordinary everyday! <3

A Gram Blog is my site.  I picture it as a neighborhood with my “home” center stage.  It is comprised of spaces described to produce an illusion of different rooms.  “Kitchen” is where I keep recipes, cooking tips, and the world of food.  “The Family Room” holds movie, tv, and other reviews pertaining to entertainment.  “My Home Office” files posts such as this one related to blogging or my direct sales business.  I know one of the predominate things I recall about my grandmother is her home.  The rooms, the wallpaper, the furnishings, and everything about it right down to the aromas associated with it continue to comfort me.  That is what I wish to pass on to my audience.

As Matriarch of the Family a Gram usually heads over multiple households

How else do you build your blog traffic up?  The same way you befriend your neighbors. You visit people.  You join in social groups.  You invite your neighbors to come over.  Getting involved in community events and organizations opens up a different way to meet others.  My website is about 5 months old now.  Consistency is an important factor that I have not yet been able to master.  After missing a number of gatherings did you lose contact with that group?  Admittingly, my traffic is less than favorable.  You need to keep putting yourself out there.  I use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter as my welcome mats to the world.  Have you started your blog yet?  Which social media do you use most?  Did you have a hard time building up traffic?

While you want to watch your posts go viral, integrity plays an important part in blogging.  You must maintain an honest profile of yourself.  The strength of a blogger comes with their creditability.  Profess who you are!  What makes you able to write what you write about?  My background as a wife for 36 years, mother of four, grandmother of five, and a reasonably educated individual accounts for a bulk  of my writing.  A writer fictional or otherwise derives material from real life.  A blogger is a writer!  Be honest with yourself and your audience in your writing.  You are not writing to blow your ego up!  Remember offering things like comfort, ideas, support, and insight bring people together.  Who likes the big mouth neighbor always boasting about themselves?  Don’t you like leaving a wedding or a party with something in hand?  Think of different types of “party favors” for your audience.

Society splits us up into many styles of groups.  There are religious groups, gender groups, age groups, political groups, and the list goes on!  What makes a group into a community and a community into a circle?  Below you see my interpretation what characteristics are comprised in a community.

Most Common Components of a Community

  • Interests
  • Group of people
  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Exposure
  • belonging

The major distinction between a community and a circle is a common goal.  “A circle of friends”.  “A quilting circle”.  “A beginning bloggers’ circle”!  Each circle encompasses a common goal to reach through the interests of its community.  A circle of friends goal is to maintain a close relationship.  A quilting circle’s goal comes upon the completion of squares patterns pieced together by several individuals into one prized possession.  It is the goal of “A Beginning Bloggers’ Circle” to bare the burdens blogging brings us provides information of behind the scenes.  The purpose to share your strengths serves to teach others. Necessary in any community is caring!  My hope is to come together with other beginning bloggers who care to be part of a circle!