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Love this Quick Fourth of July Snack Find

Kid Friendly Snacks

Hot summer days, busy schedules, and traveling make quick go to meals and snacks essential. Of course, you want healthier options when making your choices! But, it’s alright to cross the line here and there. Recently, I came across “Veggie Straws” at our local Costco’s. Curiously cute idea celebrating “The Fourth of July”, I couldn’t resist buying them. I have served up the crunchy stars and striped snacks twice at family cookouts. I have to say “They were a bang!”

Stars and Stripes Veggie Straws were a Big Bang!

Like many of you, I’m sure, I am already hearing my grandchildren say “I’m bored!” But another daunting question on any ordinary summer day is… “What’s for snack?” Do you find yourself staring at the fridge? It’s like we’re waiting for the answer to jump out at us? Considering what is available, what they will or will not eat, and how feasible a snack is quite challenging.

Picky eater
My grandchildren taste buds differ from day to day.

your Yard holds healthy answers

Of course, fresh fruit or veggies are an option. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden or berry baring bushes, it provides a quick snack. But it also answers our first summertime quandary! Send the kids out to the garden. Occupy the kids as well as feed them a healthy snack. For example, this year our small garden only contains cherry tomatoes, peppers, mint, parsley, and summer squash. While these crops aren’t particularly snack foods, we purposefully planted the cherry tomatoes for the kids to pick.

Fresh snacks available in your own backyard

Surprising momentous ordinary moments

Obviously, its not critical to have a garden. Cherry tomatoes come in a convenient box at your grocery too. However, consider planting potted plants to harvest. It is proven when introducing children to vegetables throughout the growth process, there is a higher success rate that they actually eat it. A previous Gram Blog post https://momentusordinarymoments.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/stop-forcing-your-finicky-eater-to-eat/explains ways to encourage eating comes with cooperative menu planning, collaborative cooking sessions, and experimentation with foods. Even in the city, potted plants provide kids the opportunity to experience fresh produce. As a child, I grew up in the city but weekend visits to the countryside with my grandmother and grandfather gave another dimension to my youth.

My grandmother’s garden with my mother

Similarly, my granddaughter often recalls days she spent in her great grandfather’s garden. As a toddler until our move north from Florida, she sat with her “Big Grampa” every day possible. Each time meant a trip to his garden gathering up cherry tomatoes. Then, they snacked on her sweet pickings together. When he passed away this past year, part of her ordinary everyday became momentous ordinary moments to her!

“Big Grampa’s” Florida garden Watermelon was a favorite afternoon snack

Additional grab and go snacks for little hands

Creating treats for road trips may take some thought, but don’t overthink it either. What types of foods did your parents or grandparents pack for a car ride? We went on spur of the moment day trips constantly. My mother bagged up sandwiches, poured coffee in thermoses, and threw in boxed snacks at a moment’s notice.

Amazingly when my mother handed back a box of animal crackers, I had no concept she answered two of my needs with just the one gesture. The cookies satisfied my snack attack craving and stimulated my imagination. Don’t lie, you’ve air-walked the camel cookie in an imaginary safari before biting off one hump! At the very least, matching the cookie animals to the box pictures kept me busy for a couple miles. Another quick favorite was simply “a box of sunshine”, Sunmaid raisins.

Packing a picnic
Road trip picnic

Overall you want your summer snacks easy and ready to go on the road. Snacks low in sugar and satisfying are best. Subsequently, limiting seat bouncing and poking incidents in the car! Off the top of my head I suggest grapes, trail mix, and perhaps peanut butter crackers. Obviously, summer wouldn’t be summer unless you save a spot for special treats. There’s nothing like juicy popsicles on lazy afternoons! Furthermore, always keep an open mind to snacks and more for an impromptu picnic option.

That was quick and easy

Given these points, I hope you are able to answer “I’m bored!” and “What’s for snack” quicker this summer. Request my “Travel Trail Mix” recipe. As a subscriber, you will receive an Email with a printable copy! Coming soon, my next post will help you pack a punch in your summer picnic. https://www.agramblog.com/2019/07/04/picnic-checklist- Join me in making momentous ordinary moments for your and your family.

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