Mothers’ Old School Homeschooling

My mothers old school home schooling

Mothers’ ordinary struggles are timeless

How many of you have memories of your mother telling you, “finish your dinner. Do you know how many children in *#*#* are starving?” It was one of my mother’s favorite go to’s! Mothers have been battling balky bambinos to eat their dinner since the beginning of motherhood. Just take a look at this 1970’s commercial for LIFE CEREAL

Coincidentally, my cousin sent me an Email the other day coining sentiments from most baby boomers’ childhood. After reading it, I felt inclined to approach finicky eaters once more. Previously posting on this subject,, I focused the conversation on convincing our children to eat with less conventional methods.

For instance, rather than saying, “You’re going to sit there until that spinach is all gone”, my finicky eaters post suggested more of a compromising situation. “Why don’t we try it this way?” Parents Magazine article advises five strategic tips on convincing your child to be more open minded.

Mother’s tricks to trick you into eating

Mothers stop forcing your finicky eaters to eat?
“Oink, Oink…”

What was your mother’s go to trick for the dinner table troubles? For example in the movie, A CHRISTMAS STORY, the mother persuades her son to eat mashed potatoes and meatloaf by portraying a pig eating from the trough. “Oink, oink 🐷 yum, yum lol

Of course, I am not condoning or condemning her strategies. After all, we are all guilty of resorting to reciting “chug-a-chug, a chug-a chug-choo-choo” as we descend the spoon down into the mouth or sometimes the chin of our child.

So, What’s Mothers to do?

Honestly, I am still fighting the finicky eaters battle in our family. My children were brought up via the old school home schooling philosophy. The grandchildren are another story!

Consequently, dinner time at our house is served in two or more sittings. Depending on the menu, the adults’ plates contain the full course, a couple of the children sample some of the items, and the rest of the kids keep to their tried and true picks. Chicken nuggets, pizza bites, and hot dogs minus any sort of sides stand at the ready nightly.

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Some Simple School’s Out for Summer Activity Sources

What about the parents’ feelings?

As families face vacation fun and fanciful thoughts of summer, it is okay to realize the darker side of the season. Stay at home caregivers and working parents alike feel stressed keeping their children happy and safe over the next few months! Express  your Emotions Even Mixed Ones 🤪

The hard metal rock song “School’s Out for Summer” screams the pent up dreams of anarchy and chaos.  An anthem representing the promised land freeing children to do what they want occupies radio airwaves every summer these past couple decades.  Check your speaker settings and click the YouTube link to Alice Cooper’s official video

Vintage concert poster available by Ron’s Past and Present on

Isn’t it ironic one of the most iconic songs for summer comes from Alice Cooper  expressing his feelings on the absence of school?  When in contrast it says “We got no class, we got no principals, we got no innocence … ” actually demonstrates what would happen without it! Forecast of children’s pangs from boredom and “I’m Hungry” haunt many mothers or grandmothers thoughts. What about the Parents’ feelings?


Are you happy school is out for summer?  Admittingly, I have mixed emotions.  Honestly, it is scary losing any control over the kids time management!  When do you start planning for summer?  This year comes upon me faster than I planned.  Which means there is NO PLAN! However,  those of you who did, you may have included these things to do.

Seven Summer Solutions for out of School Children

  • Summer camp 
  • Day camp
  • Day care
  • VBS
  • Swimming lessons 
  • Public library programs 
  • Extended school year sessions