In The Kitchen

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My Kitchen, unlike my own Nana’s, has two times a day where it is bustling with activity.  I don’t know about your house, but in mine the primary activity in the kitchen every morning is make coffee!  Nana’s and Mom’s kitchens both teemed with energy.  Either before or after breakfast, they were busy baking breads and goods for the upcoming day.  Our previous generations’ preparation of daily sustenance took much more effort than ours’ today.   My Weekdays, the kids bus off to school so quick and easy breakfasts pour into their bowls from favorite boxed choices.  On the weekends, we offer frozen pancakes or waffles.  In all fairness, I have never been one to even eat breakfast never mind make it!  The kid’s Grampa usually graces the table with homemade, stick to your ribs, go back to bed because your too full to move meals every weekend.

When he’s in the kitchen he can compete with any top notch diner breakfasts.  Biscuits and Gravy, Eggs Benedict, eggs to order whether sunny side up or over easy, waffles, pancakes, or his favorite assorted omelets no one walks away hungry.    Our kitchen  becomes the hub of the household again at dinner.  After 35 years of cooking dinners, my abilities grew over time.  If you listen to my husband, he’ll tell you I couldn’t boil water without burning it when we met.  Lol, he still takes credit for teaching me how to cook!  He isn’t totally inaccurate.  Many things contribute to my cooking style and I am sure it is the same for you.

Gram Blog’s In The Kitchen page is a place to find recipes, ideas, and tips to help you in your kitchen.  Do you get bored with the same old things to eat?  Are your kids picky eaters?  How often do you entertain?  The kitchen and all the behind the scene tasks associated with it is just one part of our ordinary everyday.  Why not try to turn our day into more momentous ordinary moments?

 <3 Enjoy the day because you’ll find momentous ordinary moments in the Everyday ordinary! <3