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Around the House

A Gram Blog’s “Around the House” page offers insights on projects, crafts, and interests concerning items found around the house. Do you like antiques? Is scrapbooking and photos your calling? I write as one of my past times. Plastic canvas embroidery and loom knitting capture my creative side certain times of the year. What do you make with your kids or grandkids? I attempt to attract my grandkids away from their electronics periodically with easy short crafts suitable for the season or occasion.

How to Make Work In the Yard a Family affair

Spring has finally sprung here in Connecticut! ⚘🍀Last weekend’s weather shook winter off our shoulders and into the sunshine. Preparations for the season were at hand. 🏡 The kids, my husband, and I raked in the leaves, cleaned out the house, and planned our plantings. Picking up random rocks amused the kids more than raking demonstrated by the pail they filled. Lol Deciding to turn it into a useful use of time, I set them up with some paints and brushes. Encouraged by Pinterest trending pins, I anxiously awaited their artistic sides.👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 Only armed with their imagination and a theme aimed at gardens, they decorated the rocks with bugs, stars, and flowers. 🐞🐸🌼 Of course, our rocks dim along side that of those pinned on the Internet but they will light up our flower beds and garden plots with pride 🤗

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Admittedly, we needed help this year!  It’s our first spring in the house and the previous owners left a lot behind.  When my husband only makes it here a weekend a month, it is not fair or realistic to throw him a “honey-do list”.  Back in the day, I would have “let my fingers do the walking” through the “Yellow Pages” to find a local handyman. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to locate your area options.


  1. Word of mouth
  2. Local newspaper classifieds
  3. Internet Specific to homeowner Search websites like Thumbtack, Home Advisor, and Angies list
  4. Craigslist
Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

As new home owners, our needs cover several areas of service. For instance, the previous owners left behind more than one may expect. On one hand their some of their refuse is useful and even pleasing additions for us, like a patio set. However, the two broken dryers and bags of hardened cement demanded special elimination considerations. Another thing we learned with our move, you end up with an abundance of cardboard boxes which will take forever to stash in your weekly recycling bin collection 😏

How to Follow Trends Realistically

When I think of all the things trashed or thrown away over the years, it tugs at my heart. How many times do you ponder whether or not to keep something? My father always said, “I never know when I may need this”, as his reasoning to hold on to an item. Another adage he tended to use, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” is hand in hand contradiction to “the Minimalist” trend in recent years. So, which do you favor farmhouse pack rat or urban sleek?

Do you like antiques?

Learn to Appreciate the Past

In my early years of marriage, my parents passed down family treasures to decorate and furnish my own household. Truth be told, at the time I did not appreciate thier value. With every move, spring cleaning, or time of recession it meant more treasures ended up disappearing, sold, or trashed. Oh, don’t misunderstand! The sentimental attachment to my inheritance was priceless, but the monetary value meant more at the time.

My parents told tales of how they pieced together sets of my depression glass dinnerware at the weekly movie show. Apparently, given as door prizes local theaters presented people with a different piece each time. To shed a little background information, a person visited the movie theater back in the day for more than just movies. Theaters projected the world news otherwise just viewed in printed newspapers. They often had live music and short acts in addition to Hollywood’s box office feature. Other retro businesses giving their patrons items were full-serve gas stations (like someone filling your gas, checking your oil and tires, and washing your windshield wasn’t enough) and grocery stores. Proctor and Gamble and Welch’s, as well as other household companies, often packed drinking glasses with their products.

I didn’t realize it then, most of these Knick knacks are worth quite a bit. I was the benefactor of two types of mantle clocks. During a day paving my way through Pinterest, I came across a similar version of my clocks. One of my personal Pinterest boards is named Antiques and Curiosities honoring these remembrances of the past. The retro-vintage-farmhouse rat pack style is in my blood. Unfortunately, window shopping on Pinterest is as close as I can come right now. So it sparked my curiosity and I find an article describing the familiar clock. It sold on EBay for $475!

There are television shows totally revolving around this subject. PBS airs “Antique Roadshow”. Designers become celebrities donning their wares on HGTV network. Flea Markets have flipped from fairground finds to Boutique bounties with the show “Flea Market Flip”. Many DIY’s making their own unique furnishings or entering entrepreneurship selling their objects of art to the public for a pretty price!

Do you have a favorite collectible? How do you decide to hold on to something or not? Some say, “If you haven’t seen or used it in a year, then to let it go.” A Gram Blog “Around the House” page is where I hope to feature printable patterns and guest posts offering information on a variety of subjects pertaining to around the house. What memory of your grandmother’s possessions poses an instant picture in your mind of her? My grandmother baked my birthday cakes. Her chrome domed covered cake carrier makes my mouth water still!

Enjoy the momentous ordinary moments of your everyday ordinary! Until next time 🙂