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Some Simple School’s Out for Summer Activity Sources

What about the parents’ feelings?

As families face vacation fun and fanciful thoughts of summer, it is okay to realize the darker side of the season. Stay at home caregivers and working parents alike feel stressed keeping their children happy and safe over the next few months! Express  your Emotions Even Mixed Ones 🤪

The hard metal rock song “School’s Out for Summer” screams the pent up dreams of anarchy and chaos.  An anthem representing the promised land freeing children to do what they want occupies radio airwaves every summer these past couple decades.  Check your speaker settings and click the YouTube link to Alice Cooper’s official video https://youtu.be/j8A9zFAArJQ

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Isn’t it ironic one of the most iconic songs for summer comes from Alice Cooper  expressing his feelings on the absence of school?  When in contrast it says “We got no class, we got no principals, we got no innocence … ” actually demonstrates what would happen without it! Forecast of children’s pangs from boredom and “I’m Hungry” haunt many mothers or grandmothers thoughts. What about the Parents’ feelings?


Are you happy school is out for summer?  Admittingly, I have mixed emotions.  Honestly, it is scary losing any control over the kids time management!  When do you start planning for summer?  This year comes upon me faster than I planned.  Which means there is NO PLAN! However,  those of you who did, you may have included these things to do.

Seven Summer Solutions for out of School Children

  • Summer camp 
  • Day camp
  • Day care
  • VBS
  • Swimming lessons 
  • Public library programs 
  • Extended school year sessions