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EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it… A Gram Blog is spreading the news. What kind of news? The kind of news in our everyday ordinary lives! Ayuh! That’s right, the mundane, repetitive, and often boring but never the same type experiences by an ordinary family grandmother.

How can walking into my front door help you? Lets paint a picture of the past. My mother and other women of the street/neighborhood opened their doors to each other regularly offering bonding, suggestions, and support.   They typically meant under the guise of coffee or a social game of cards but it transformed into more. Sharing recipes and cups of sugar usually grew into friendships. Our world is different now. Unfortunately, it is difficult to enjoy the everyday ordinary because we are too busy with existing. We more than likely don’t even know our neighbors, never mind share more than a quick wave or hello. Recognize the beauty of the ordinary and make the most of your momentous ordinary moments! A Gram Blog is my way of extending a welcome to you!

Come in and share a metaphorical cup of coffee with me. Perhaps there is a chance to meet and make new friends. If nothing else, keeping company with a friend is a change of pace. A new perspective can bring smiles to your day. Sometimes knowing another person is or has similar experiences, it is easier for you. We all encounter difficulties and even drastic tragedies in our lives along with the everyday humdrum.  A Gram Blog wants to share what families face today.  Believe it or not, back in the day was not all sunshine and roses.  A Gram Blog post contains memories of my mother, my grandmother, father, and other members of family past, present, and future. Pieces of the past often offer solutions for the present and should be preserved for those after us.  Each segment takes true topics in my daily life and bring researched information and resources into the picture.

Ayuh, even grandmothers don’t have all the answers! Wisdom comes from living life making it unique and varied as each of our lives.  Are you having problems tackling something? Everyone needs tips or advice even for simple around the house items. Kids getting you down? Don’t know how to make a dish? Feeling under the weather? I am 55 years old and still find new ways of doing things. Like the saying goes, “You learn something new everyday!”

BTW, Let me introduce myself… I am TEW 👵📿 a wife, mother, and grandmother. New England is my home, born and raised, but you can count the west coast of Florida for 11 years until just recently.  My “Grandma” name is “Mar or Marme”, from my favorite novel Louisa May Alcott’s “LITTLE WOMEN”.  At 55 years old I am plunging into the deep pool of blogging.  New England and old school ways are the backbone of my philosophy fortified with Christian practice. Family occupies my time, my mind, and my soul. Norman Rockwell is my favorite artist. I enjoy an open minded listening array of music from classic to pop. There is a nostalgic touch to everything I do, including watching old movies and preferring small town than city life.

As most of us do just with adding on years, we gain a wealth of experience.  I am launching A Gram Blog as a method to share that experience with you. One lesson learned worth mentioning right away happens to be the vision of this blog. “Beauty is in the Ordinary”! While I formally studied Human Services and have an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Office management, I am not a counselor or claim any professional attributes.  Its just, “I’ve been there done that!” This blog is simply my collection of occurrences, opinions, and observations. However, I hope you do find useful inspiration or information to help in your own daily life. As I stated, I am a wife, mother, and a grandmother. My husband and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary back in June. We have traveled through bumpy roads, smooth highways and hit a few detours along the way, but we remain best friends all the way. My four children are grown into adulthood with households of their own. In October we were blessed with our 5th grandchild! Two girls live in FL, one girl in Ohio, and then the older two; a girl 12 yrs today (Happy Birthday, Pookie!) old and boy 7 yrs old both live with me in CT. I have had custody of them for two years this time and 3 years once before. Many of my moments are ordinary and often mundane, but now that most are merely memories, they mean more.

Come in and…

<3 Enjoy the beauty in the ordinary because momentous moments are found in our ordinary everyday! <3