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What’s a Gram Blog All About?

Informing you of momentous ordinary moments

What is ordinary 

EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it… A Gram Blog is spreading the news.  “What kind of news?”, you ask.  It is the kind of news you find in our everyday ordinary lives! That’s right, I’m talking about the boring, the dull hum drum stuff that is mundane, routine, and often looked down upon.

Personally, “an average Joan” style is all I know.   Certainly, it is alright to be ordinary!  In fact, I am trying to elevate awareness so people will embrace their ordinary sides.  Throughout my life I see examples why some may call me mediocre.  Like growing up middle class, graduating high school number 350 out of 700, and even having 2 boys /2 girls for children.  To clarify, I am not saying these perimeters produce an ordinary existence.  Coincidently, they just happen to be a part of my profile.

At this moment, I want to emphasize the importance to remember as an ordinary individual, it definitely does not mean insignificance.  For instance, largely as a stay at home mom I received an Associates Degree with high honors at the age of 40. Everyone experiences events in their life.  Ordinary, in this sense, highlights the routine life rather than ordinary as a lower quality of life.  However, I admit there have been times during my life it has felt as such.  

Why a Gram Blog?

Becoming a grandmother at first, simply seemed like something set in my lap.  My two youngest children were just hitting their mid teens, and the mother of my grandchildren wasn’t much older.  The oldest grandkids, as well as their mother, have lived with me for the bulk of their lives.  

At first becoming a grandmother seemed like something just set in my lap

Recently, the position of grandmother took on new meaning to me.  Thoughts of my grandmother and my mother in their role as a grandmothers pointed to my own tasks I should undertake.  They, somehow scattered bits of knowledge, lessons, and family history in ordinary ways everyday.

My not so ordinary site set up

A Gram Blog site is built around a menu list of pages.  Each page represents rooms or parts of a home.  An obvious page example, “In the Kitchen” pertains to recipes, gadgets, tips, and the struggles or successes found there.  

Henceforth, anytime I think of my grandmother, her house always appears.  Reminiscently picturing myself laying on the rough beige colored wool carpet watching TV in her living room, for instance.  Imagining I’m back sitting at her maple leaf table centered in her kitchen, anxiously waiting for my breakfast plate.  So, I developed A Gram Blog to envelop an atmosphere related to those memories.

Therefore to carry on with the theme, I try to incorporate my interpretations of relevant vintage images.  In consideration for your convenience, the actual “Gram Blog” page presents posts chronologically for you to scroll through.  Our current page, “About a Gram Blog”, I give you the what, who,  and why.  Then, there is the “Home” page where I plan posts on roles of grandmothers will appear.

The 3 R’s to recognize the ordinary 

Why does someone like me want to write about the ordinary? I want to remove a stigma surrounding “what it is to be ordinary.” It is my hope to help you recognize the beauty found in our momentous ordinary moments.  If only one person benefits from this, then it is all worth my while.

Moreover, what harm is it to bring added richness and meaning in our life’s?  I believe this is possible by recognizing the beauty of our ordinary.  Consider a couple examples explaining these type of moments .  How many of us remember the way Grammy’s Sunday Dinner made us feel?  I bet every time you eat that food, an image crops of her in your mind. That is a momentous ordinary moment!

Three ways to help point out these moments.  

  1. Reflection
  2. Resolution
  3. Resolve

Do you share your mom’s enthusiasm for details?  Our previous generations prided themselves with their attention to the little things.  Yes! Life is different, maybe even more complicated now. Which means more reason than ever to take notice of our everyday moments.

Vintage ordinary moments 

Nostalgically looking at the way things use to be, I recognized many of their everyday take it for granted activities are on the endangered list, if not indeed extinct.  My mother and other women of the neighborhood opened their doors to each other regularly offering bonding, suggestions, and support. They typically met under the guise of coffee or a social game of cards.   Sharing recipes and cups of sugar usually grew into friendships. 

Its alright to be ordinary!

A Gram Blog is my way of extending a welcome to you! Come inside the life of a Gram and share a metaphorical cup of coffee with me.Even grandmothers don’t have all the answers!  Are you having problems tackling something? Everyone needs tips or advice even for simple around the house items. Kids getting you down? Don’t know how to make a dish? Feeling under the weather? I am 56 years old and still find new ways of doing things.

Inside this ordinary Gram’s life

About Me

BTW, Let me introduce myself… I am TEW 👵📿 a wife, mother, and grandmother. New England is my home, born and raised, except the 11 years on the west coast of Florida.  My “Grandma” name is “Mar or Marme”.  Ironically, I think it is one unique thing about me.  It is an old time New England moniker, rarely used anymore, I came attached to from my favorite novel Louisa May Alcott’s “LITTLE WOMEN”.

Like the character in this classic literary piece, my passion is writing.   Unfortunately, it plays second fiddle to more practical things.   Plunging into a crowded pool of blogging challenges me to sink or swim among much younger fish.  

Consequently, a consistent thought that comes to my mind is why someone will want to read about the ordinary.  In addition I would describe myself as “old school”.   This philosophy fortified with a Christian practice background provides a relatively quiet lifestyle.  To clarify, “I’m a homebody!” So, again I say… “Why would someone like you want to read about my ordinary moments?”

Optimistically, it occurs to me anyone putting themselves out there start out ordinary.  Assumingly, my favorite artist, New England’s artist, Norman Rockwell began as an “average Joe”.  He even embedded the ordinary in his work! Images portrayed in his paintings depict the type of a nostalgic touch I want to dissect from our everyday.  So, why wouldn’t you want to read about the ordinary? 

Who is A Gram Blog

Supposedly, most of us adding on years gain a wealth of experience, at which time hopefully we also gain wisdom. In my case, one lesson I learned worth mentioning right away happens to be the vision of this blog. “Beauty is in the Ordinary”!

While I formally studied Human Services and have an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Office management, I am not a counselor or claim any professional attributes. Its just, “I’ve been there done that!”  So, this blog is simply my collection of occurrences, opinions, and observations. However, I hope you do find useful inspiration or information to help in your own daily life.

As I stated, I am a wife, mother, and a grandmother. My husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary back in June. Although we have traveled through bumpy roads, smooth highways and hit a few detours, we remain best friends all the way.

Obviously by this time, my four children are grown into adulthood with households of their own.  More importantly, our number of grandchildren are growing.  Two girls 1+yrs and 8 yr flourish in FL, one 5 yr girl in Ohio, and a 13 yr boy and his 8 yr sister grow in the heartland’s Kansas City.  Meanwhile, our 12 yr old girl, 2-8 yrs old boys, their little sister 4 yrs, and with the latest on his way in May.  

An Ordinary Gram’s Role

To sum it all up, sitting in the position of grandmother becomes more philosophical than the physical aspect of parenting.  It is more of a figurehead role.  However, part of my job requirements is to exhume stability, moral leadership,  continuity, unity, experience, intelligibility, model behavior, act as custodian of the past, trustee of the future, and more.  Many of my moments are ordinary and often mundane, but now that most are merely memories, they really mean more.

Come in and…

<3 Enjoy the beauty in the ordinary because momentous moments are found in our everyday! <3  At https://www.agramblog.com read more ways I introduce “the 3 R’s”.  Recognize the beauty of your ordinary and easily incorporate them into your own life.  <3 Share the Love<3

Informing you of momentous ordinary moments