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What is Trades of Hope

Entering into the second half of your life, you expect some changes.  We have the opportunity to experience a renewed identity.  Everyone hopes their existance on this earth makes some kind of memorable mark.  What “cause” is calling you?  Mine is the hope to inspire!  Starting a new business is one option.  Craft your new life for change.  Create a purpose that is larger than yourself by helping others at the same time. I created a purpose by launching my own business as a branded partner with Trades of Hope. I get to travel the world through our artisans and their crafts. They have the opportunity to earn fair Trade wages changing their lives. If passion, compassion, and adventure are qualities you want to explore, here is one place to go! Your next adventure now begins…

Crafted for Change

Given the vessel to travel the globe without necessarily ever leaving my little town, I am set on an adventure every time I open a product. Wearing our TRADE BEADS BRACELET brings me to the African continent. Women in Kenya string beads made of clay, bone, or glass together crafting these unique artifacts as generations before have done.

Come back again tomorrow to continue our travels. For now if you would like to explore a little more, you can follow my link

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Enjoy the beauty of the ordinary where momentous ordinary moments make our everyday extraordinary through motions, mentoring, and memories.

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