Surprising Ways February is Showing the Love

Surprising Ways February shows the love

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Show the Love

Showing the Love

When you think of February, what comes to mind?  Valentines Day, right?  Here are some surprising reasons February “shows the love!”  Did you know February 1st is “National Freedom Day” or the 4th is “Rosa Parks Day”?  Most of us realize, tomorrow starts Black History Month” and there are two presidential birthdays coming up.  With so many national _____ (fill in the blank) days, do we really even pay attention anymore?  As one of the premier commercial holidays, Valentines headlines February.   Why consider February the month of love? Is it chocolate, cards, or candy? You may be surprised!  

Five Surprising Ways February Shows the Love

  1. National Freedom Day
  2. Groundhog Day
  3. SuperBowl Sunday 
  4. National Organ Donors Day
  5. Love your pet day

February 1st

February first represents National Freedom Day.  Do you know, as Americans, we are suppose to observe two days for freedom’s sake?  Obviously we all realize July Fourth as Independence Day, but February 1st is also a day forged for freedom.

“Four score and even years ago”, oops that was a different speech, but still Abraham Lincoln’s resolve is the birthplace of National Freedom Day.  February 1st, 1865 he signed A resolution to abolish slavery.  Unfortunately, his signature was not enough to ratify the freedom of slaves.  Unable to see his vision Of freedom completed, he was cut short by an assassin that same year.   The 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution  did not get ratified until almost a year later.  


Abraham Lincoln is not the only founding father of Freedom day that did not see their finished work finalized.  A main lobbyist for February first as Freedom Day is Richard R. Wright.  As a former slave who worked to become a successful free man he served in the military, taught, and became president of a university.  He diligently fought for recognition of the thirteenth amendment.  But like Lincoln, he was not able to see his work fulfilled.  Wright died in July 1947 and it was not until June 1948 that President Harry S. Truman signed into law encouraging the observance of abolishment to slavery on February first.



Groundhog Day

Let’s start with Ground Hog Day. I groundhogday_quickprint_smallimg2know, how is Ground Hog day <3 showing love? <3  Just bear with me and read on.  February 2nd falls on a Sunday this year.  Normally just another ordinary day, not today though!  Today doesn’t signify only the fate of winter, it happens to be one of sports biggest events!  Fan or not, Super Bowl Sunday is second to none.  However normally February 2nd’s largest news headline is “Punxsutawney Phil” forecasts winter’s longevity by whether he sees his shadow! The ground-hog draws upwards of 40,000 people to the Pennsylvania town capturing the attention of nationwide news media. This momentous moment early in the morning of February 2nd each year marks when spring starts, as the folklore goes, anyway.      

Looking for love

The extraordinary day is a one hundred and thirty-year-old American tradition. Initiated by Pennsylvania Dutch, and their optimistic hope that winter will soon end carries folklore over generations and borders. It is only slightly altered by substituting an American native ground-hog for the German hedgehog or badger.

Originally, celebrated as Candlemas, a Catholic festival, it means the arrival of midpoint between winter solstice and the equinox.


Here’s why Ground Hog Day is a momentous ordinary day. The ritual relies on members of mammals whose species hibernate for the winter. Our weather forecasting “Phil” isn’t looking for his shadow but he is seeking out a mate.  He’s <3 showing the love <3 scoping out the territory ahead official mating season.  February truly is the month for love!

How will you enjoy the beauty in your ordinary every day? <3 Show the love <3 by sharing folklore and stories with your children and grandchildren. Knowing the background of rituals can add reality to our family roots. Ground Hog day stems from German heritage but other countries observe it.  What are other ways Ground Hog day can be a momentous moment?


<3 Showing your love <3 through food is often successful.  You may desire some German or Pennsylvania Dutch favorites for dinner.  Perhaps items like chicken pot pie, pork chops, Dutch apple pie, and soft pretzels may warm your winter table.  

Who doesn’t love SuperBowl Sunday


Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

The second of February isn’t always the “Big Day”.  It just so happens to fall on it this year.  However, SuperBowl Sunday is always the first Sunday of this month!  For all you grid iron followers, today is one of the biggest party days.  It is in our household, the NFL’s contest between the AFC and NFC conferences is right up there with Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Thanksgiving! No matter which pair up of teams you are routing, you are gearing up for the biggest game of the year.  Families, friends, and fans gather to show their love of the game  or just the food

Other surprising ways to show the love

Tomorrow is National the Day the Music Died Day

For those you too young to know, February 3rd is showing the love to Rock and Roll legends Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valentines, and The Big Bopper.  Don McLean immortalized the emotions of the day in his song “the Day the Music Died”.  Take a minute to give a listen ❤️

National Organ Donors Day February 14th

On a Personal Note : I love someone with Kidney Disease Please Share

I Love someone with Kidney Disease
Love your pet day

Love Your Pet Day

Not that we necessarily need a specific day to spoil our pets, but on the 20th it is exactly that day!  Is Fido going to understand your gift of unconditional love?  Nope, probably not.  He will undoubtedly enjoy every moment of it though. 🐶❤️  

If you don’t have a family pet yet, read up on some of the tips I learned looking for our dog

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Full of Love ❤️

Now don’t forget Valentines Day in the middle of all these surprising ways February shows the love!  February also is apt to show our New Year resolutions either full swing or fading :/  At this time remember to show yourself the love everyday!  My resolutions were to put my blog on the front burner and taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle.  I am hoping weighing in on these two things <3 show the love<3 Aside from Valentines Day, there are many more surprising ways in February that <3 Show the love <3, Unfortunately,  I can only mention a few more!

  • February 8th, National Boys Scout Day
  • February 17th, National Acts of Kindness Day
  • February 25th, I wouldn’t be a New Englander if I didn’t mention this one, National Clam Chowder Day

Weighing In

Weighing In

Come visit again , but before you leave let me tell you what is coming soon.  Next I will be joining a link party in honor of Valentines Day.  Another piece that I plan to post actually will premiere my ways I am taking steps for a healthier lifestyle.  I am offering a free printable comparison chart of 2020’s Top Five  Diet Plans.  Weigh in with your opinion n the comments below