Scrapbooking for the Unimaginative

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Why is it some people possess artistic abilities while the rest of us wish we did? Do you admire your friend’s handiwork? I often wonder why craftiness evades me? Wish you could create something your children can pass on? Most recently, after watching my sister scrapbooking, it sparked my curiosity. Over the years she has done ceramics, crochet, embroidered, knitted, mastered macramé, and now successfully scrapbooking. Yeah, craftiness did not evade her! She’s even widened the scope of her paper crafting encompassing all-occasion cards too!

Recognizing your strengths

Right vs left brain skills

Left vs Right brain dominant in artistic creative abilities
Right brain vs Left brain theory by Roger W. Sperry

They say that people are usually right or left brain oriented. According to the theory, the right side of the brain contributes creative and artistic attributes. Excuse the pun, on the other hand, logic and reasoning come from the left side. Apparently right brain dominant types are capable of visualizing the whole picture breaking it down into details. Whereas, its a left brain thinker builds the details into a finished project.

We just have to recognize our strengths! Some of you may show stronger organization skills, while others stand out by their ability with numbers. Once you recognize your strengths, search out a craft fitting your unimaginative self.

imagination and vision to see a finished project
Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

Whether this theory of Roger W. Sperry explains my unimaginable self or not, it does account for at least part of it. Are you all thumbs at crafts like me? Don’t give up! Even less crafty persons can enjoy a sense of accomplishment from a finished project.

Cognitive friendly crafts

As someone possessing stronger left brain characteristics, I may lack the ability to see the big picture. But I am able to build the big picture. My endless planning and list making maps a mind for details. Organizing those details provides a pattern allowing a finished product.

crafting and scrapbooking
Image by freestocks-photos from Pixabay

An example of a craft executing good organizational skills could be scrapbooking! Personally, the only other crafts I have some success with are embroidery, latch hook, and plastic canvas. Each of these hobbies consist of very detailed patterns instructing me throughout the process. Other hobbies exhibiting the same skillsets include genealogy, collecting, and writing. However, not all hobbies are created equal!

what is a craft

Image by eommina from Pixabay

Everyone seems to assume grandmothers spend their time making things. Well, we all know what “assume” means…!” LOL! Surprise! Not all grandmothers cook, knit, or have a rocking chair.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary a craft is defined as “an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill.” However if we examine the meaning of the word “crafts”, it goes on to say “to make or produce with care, skill, or, ingenuity.” Standing on the premise of this last definition, I propose you are as much a crafter as the next person. Logically speaking if we are putting the thought and work into creating something, then we are producing it with care!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

So, Lets get crafty!

Similarly, weaknesses weave your creative path just as much as your strengths. Unfortunately, I am very uncoordinated. My fingers never work the way I want! So, I recognize crafts such as crocheting, knitting, and sewing fall to the bottom of feasible choices. I cannot forget to give credit where credit is due. There are varying amounts of vision and imagination involved in any artistic endeavor. But scrapbooking is a craft based on individualism and personality. It is just one genre which allows us unimaginative wanna be crafters an outlet.

Making memorable momentous moments

Today’s trending hobbies are taking off on social media. Everything from painting rocks to twirling strips of paper place a spot on a variety of sites. If adding a new pastime is on your to do list, take advantage of the tremendous amount of information out there.

How scrapbooking helps save your family history

One of my sister’s first scrapbooking layouts picturing our father

A gram blog focuses on recognizing the beauty of the everyday ordinary. Part of a grandmother’s life serves as a tie between past and future generations. That being said, preserving your family history will make more sense passing it on in a detailed, organized, and story filled format. How better to do this than by erecting scrapbook albums holding your momentous ordinary moments?

Starting a Scrapbook

How do you start a scrapbook? Take pictures! No kidding, right? Today, we all take pictures constantly! The incorporation of cameras into our phones gives us more opportunity than ever to record momentous ordinary moments.

Next step, hard copy your pictures. It sounds silly instructing you to print your photos, but collecting snapshots in “the cloud” is cheaper, hassle-free, and takes up a lot less space. I am guilty of gigabytes worth of memories hanging in cyberspace. Get those digital pixels printed!

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Likewise, I am also guilty of leaving my existing photos in envelopes where they lay forgotten. Stacked piles of my children’s childhood lie hidden. Dig out those pics from your drawers, shoeboxes, and the like! Still use your drawers, envelopes, and shoeboxes but file those pictures into organized categories. Now, you are ready to enter the creative zone!

Scrapbooking resources

Scrapbooking supplies aiding your artistic styling

When you doubt your drawing abilities or your creative juices are dried up, don’t worry! Surprising effects can be accomplished with the right tools. As a beginning scrapbooker myself, I did a little research into resources available for us novices. Road Trip! For example, JoAnn’s Fabrics was my closest choice.

Scrapbook inspiration and ideas

After giving it some thought, I gathered quite a few scrapbooking resources. With a couple of keywords on Google, I sifted through the search results. First of all, I focused on general information. Secondly, I sorted over those strictly sales sites from ones offering tips and suggestions. From there, I funneled out my selections., Pinterest, and


Obviously, a premier resource for potential crafters of almost any media is PINTEREST. This bulletin board style site arranges “pins” you save into organized collections. Once you start searching topics, PINTEREST will seem a bottomless pit of subject matter.

Because PINTEREST site formatting is based on imagery, it is particularly of interest to “creatives”. People post free printables ranging from different paper prints to layout sketches. You are sure to find ideas, inspiration, or directed to where there are instructions from PINTEREST.


For those of us visual style learners, YouTube videos are the answer. A viable source for scrapbook instructions, as well as any other type of video you can think up, YouTube is worth a visit.

Image by LwcyDesign from Pixabay

The basics


Of course, paper is a definite requirement! But, what type of paper? Another obvious piece vital to my project is pictures. Should I print them or use a drug store photo service? Understanding the variety of adhesives, cutting utensils, and inks is also important. All these factors play a part in the integrity of your photographs’ preservation.

types of paper

You will find aisles of scrapbook paper at your favorite hobby/craft stores and online. Assorted varieties are available in acetate, cardstock, kraft/butcher paper, and patterned paper. I am only focusing on cardstock and patterned paper, since it is what I invested in so far. These come as individual sheets or bundled in themed pads.

A pad of patterned paper

Cardstock is paper constructed a little heavier than regular paper. It is colored on the outside with a white core. Cardstock holds its shape and stands up to weight and time. This makes it perfect for photo layouts. Patterned paper is specifically for scrapbooking. Designs may display on one or both sides. But it is lighter weight than card stock, so it works well for accentual highlights.

Scrapbook albums

My Travel Scrapbooking album purchased for $11 at JoAnne’s Fabrics

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, is it the scrapbook or paper? Logically, you should start with your album. I’ll tell you why. Aside from the aesthetic value, your album sets the style your scrapbook will take. For instance, the album I purchased cover shows vintage postcards stamped from all over the world. My scrapbook theme for this album is “travel”.

12×12 sized post bound album

While buying an album to hold my scrapbook pages, there are more options to ponder. What size scrapbook may determine the size paper you will need. Whether you use a 3-ring binder, D-ring, or post bound albums could also provide a factor for your to consider.

Once the type of scrapbook you want to construct is decided, then you can fine tune its design. I have heard “top-loading” plastic pages are a good choice to use. Do you desire a quick and simple format? Photo-sized pocket pages are a way to display your pictures fast. It is a smaller layout version that still allows freedom for personal touches.

Important factors to consider

When choosing your adhesives, inks, and papers you want to pick acid free, lightfast, and non-toxic. Scrapbooks and photo albums my parents put together now show their age. Yellowing tape, self-adhesive plastic sheets, and faded ink place the integrity of their memories in danger.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

The next page in scrapbooking

So, have I inspired your crafty side? Are your creative juices perking to get started? Gather your photos and lets make memorable momentous ordinary moments to share for generations. Comment below your own ideas and suggestions on scrapbooking. If you are interested to follow along closer, subscribe to A GRAM BLOG.

Next time, we are stepping up our scrapbooking. For instance, learn along with me about different scissors, cutting systems, and punches. These pieces of equipment as well as simple embellishments are made with the unimaginative scrapbooker in mind!

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