How to Make Grandmother’s Summer Recipes

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Learn how our grandmothers’ vintage recipes can utilize your end of summer garden like theirs. “Waste not want not”! One of my family favorite vintage recipes, Green Tomato Picalilli,

Learn vintage green tomato picalilly relish recipe
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How to make grandmothers summer recipes
Learn how our grandmothers vintage recipes can utilize your end of summer garden like theirs. “Waste not, want not”!

How to utilize your end of summer garden 

Do you recall watching your grandmother can?  For example, she may have canned green beans.  Possibly, Gram may have made jellies.  At any rate, my grandmother and yours knew how to use what they had on hand to the fullest.  The end of the summer, especially here in New England, specifically put their know how to the test!  Do you have a garden?

How grandmothers utilized end of summer garden
“Waste not, want not”

If you have tomato plants, you understand how quickly green tomatoes pile up as the season comes to a close.  Of course, you don’t want to waste food!  So, what to you do?  Simply learn how our grandmothers’ vintage recipes can utilize your end of summer garden like theirs.  “Waste not want not”!  One of my family favorite vintage recipes, Green Tomato Picalilli, utilizes green tomatoes to the fullest.  Once in canning jars the relish can be enjoyed year round.  It also makes great gifts for the holiday season!

how to Make Grandmothers summer recipes
Green Tomato Picalilly Relish

Grandmothers Vintage Garden Harvest Recipes

Celebrate end of summer with Green Tomato Picalilly Relish
How to make
Marme Nellie Milbury’s Picalilly relish recipe
How did Gram utilize Green Tomato Picalilly Relish during the rest of the year?

As you may guess, Gram’s cellar (cell-ah) shelves stacked with Ball canning jars were filled with relishes, chutneys, jams and jellies, pickles, and vegetables.  She used them as pantry staples ready to compliment a Sunday meal.  Although a lot of it sat on the daily dinner table as condiments.  Finally whenever someone was sick, there was a funeral, a wedding, or holiday, one of those jars were presented.

Learn vintage green tomato picalilly relish recipe
What vintage recipe celebrates the end of summer

What cornucopia of crops come from an end of summer garden?

As we stated, tomatoes , red or green, are just one of many vegetables abundant at harvest time.  But there are so many others.  Summer squash, yellow or green, both become as big as baseball bats!  Cucumbers and greens start to wither.  Let’s not forget cabbage and corn, cornerstones in relishes themselves.  Are you a Spiralizer?  With trends leading to healthier eating, gadgets such as spiralizers enable additional cutting styles for our veggies.

Cap off the season with Chili Sauce

It’s not what you think!  unlike the trendy sriracha chili sauce or red pepper sauce complimenting Mexican foods, Grandmother’s Chili Sauce served as a ketchup on steroids.  You will understand why it was a staple condiment in many American kitchen pantries.  Spread it over your meatloaf.

Chili Glazed Meat Loaf

When adding horseradish to your chili sauce, it equates to a zesty cocktail sauce for seafood.  Another handy chili sauce use is a common appetizer recipe.  Chili Sauce and grape jelly cocktail meatballs!  

Chili Sauce and Grape Jelly Slow Cooker Meatballs

You know its the end of summer when…

… your Small New England town

End of summer
End of Summer
  • Your town pool announces closing the end of week
  • Swallowing lemonade slushees🍧 switch to pumpkin spiced lattes☕️
  • Every minute each day’s sunset starts getting earlier🌞
  • Park groundskeepers work at switching⚾️ baseball diamonds into yards for⚽️ soccer or🏈 football athletic fields
  • Tobacco farm tractors travel up the road🚜 in the morning sparing you that extra second to sip your coffee 
  • Tobacco farm tractors travel down the road🚜 during evening rush hour controlling road rage by reinforcing your patience
  • Farm stands are bountiful with stacks of corn, squash, and sprays of Indian corn🌽🥒🍅
  • Scare crows stuffed with fresh straw are strung up
  • Fading numbers of fire flies flitter across the yard

… it’s back to school time

  • Walking through Walmart feels like lab rats searching for required school📒✏️ supplies list items scattered throughout a maze as an ultimate prize🛍
  • You wonder why you are sweating in an A/C cooled Walmart while roaming through Winter coat lined store aisles
  • Pamphlets and pleas to participate in election campaigns or college courses plague your mailbox📪
  • College aged kids knock at your door eager to convince you they represent a company with the best home heating options
  • Advice for parents releasing their children to college campus life abound
  • Your weekend activities revolve around scouting increased numbers of tag sales
  • Summer camps or programs celebrate their closing ceremonies clenching the reality to the final week before the start of school

 … Television turns reRuns into current events

How many of you watch network television anymore?  Honestly, most of my television viewing is done on Netflix and Hulu.  If I stay on cable channels, it’s usually FoodNetwork.  However, I am catching up on “Arrow” right now 

  • Network television release their new📺 series runs and premiers of all its shows that left you with the finale cliffhanger in the spring
  • Car 🚗advertising rises with spectacular sales promoting room for new models
  • The🏈 NFL pre-season games compete against ⚾️MLB for airtime as both interrupt the series rerun you are catching up on before the premiere; unless you already binge watched the series on Netflix and Hulu

Check out “Arrow” on Netflix

… Retailers rush us into the holidays

  • Halloween🎃 candy and costumes pop out upon you as you walk in any store
  • Christmas crafts headline Pinterest and Etsy,🎄 while countdowns flood Facebook for the holiday four months away

… Thoughts of Autumn approach

  • You sit in your patio furniture and think where you are going to pack it away
  • The number of nights you cook out on your grill 
     ♨️ dwindles down because the novelty has worn off
  • You start contemplating whether to clean the pool or close it
  • The kids have worn out their fifth pair of flip flops
  • Your daughter’s bathing suit shrinks in coverage 👙
  • Finally and perhaps the saddest sign of all! Your summertime🍦 ice cream shack shuts its shutters for the season.

I earnestlily encourage you to follow along.  In order to spread information to all of you, I often share their thoughts on my Facebook page , A Gram Blog @ for you.  Consequently, I plan on guest segments included here on A Gram Blog with these ladies.  Be sure to share or comment below your favorite thoughts on end of summer ideas, recipes, and crafts!  Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to A Gram Blog below!  How did your grandmother make her summer recipes?

More end of summer ideas

How You can find more End of Summer Ideas

Do you want more recipes or are you looking to enjoy end of summer trips, crafts, and seasonal ideas, there are places to find them! Whether your grandmother is across town or sadly no longer with you, let me introduce you to virtual grandmothers ready to lend a hand.  Maybe you will uncover some interesting sources from other grandmothers.  My fellow blogging grandmothers bring you a variety of choices, as well as, a cornucopia of topics.

how your grandmother wears many hats
mdwp001m, 6/18/03, 11:04, 8C, 5038×7902 (504+0), 100%, copy 4 stops, 1/8 s, R23.5, G7.7, B10.5; orig. 1943; dimensions: 56 X 36 cm; photographed by Andrzej Durlik

Did you realize grandmothers wear many hats? Surely, you may be surprised to find that your grandmother spent time as an Army WAC! What if she worked as corporate executive before having children? My grandmother taught school in her younger years, she worked along side her husband as caretakers at the “county poorhouse”, and during the war worked in a textile factory with my mother.  Amazingly, all that was on top of her household hats like being a cook, accountant, teacher, judge, mediator, repair person, and so much more!

How grandmothers are living new chapters of life
“Then next you’re all wise and prehistoric”  As grandmothers, we are living new chapters of life.  At this time in our lifes we are experiencing individualism.  Finally feeling a sense of independence once again.  Perhaps, we are even redesigning personal relationships with our significant others.  Then in the next minute, our mom mode comes back into play because we all know our children are always our babies. Truthfully, I admit sometimes we wear these hats all at once, lol!

… Your garden grows faster than you can eat

  • Top heavy tomato plants tip with the weighted green fruit ready for canning into Picalilly relish
  • Your stock pile of wood for the pending winter suddenly seems small
  • You start planning when to schedule your fall cleaning
  • Sunny days make you nostalgic
  • Plants gone to seed signify your work in the garden is short lived
How to make your grandmothers vintage summer recipes
End of Summer

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