Easy Summer Time Crafts to do with Children

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Collect and seal your momentous ordinary moments for a life long memory

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Seal Your Collection into a Life long Memento

Sand In a Bottle

Years ago, my daughter made me this bottle of seashore items.  It has traveled with me proving to be a tried and true keepsake.

Save your momentous moments in a bottle… add your mementos with sand and seal for a life long memory

I have done a couple of crafts base on this version.  Think outside the jar!  Don’t be nervous about your contents.  Your local craft stores have colored sands.  You can use beads, pebbles, buttons, or whatever you have around the house.  I put together a memory jar using a photo, salt, and some store bought rocks!

Use what you have around the house

Make your own memories in a bottle!  Do you go to the beach on vacation?  Where will you go camping?  Whether you are at the shore or in the woods, you can create your own.  Have the kids pick up pinecones or pine needles to collect with some river rocks.  Once you are home, purchase your desired vessels at your favorite craft store.  Fill your bottles with your collections and seal them for a lifetime long memento!

Enjoy the momentous ordinary moments of your everyday ordinary! Until next time 🙂

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Enjoy the beauty of the ordinary where momentous ordinary moments make our everyday extraordinary through motions, mentoring, and memories.

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