What is Weighing in with Tracey/AKA A Gram Blog?

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A Gram Blog is a platform that provides reviews of everyday ordinary items.

What is ordinary 

EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it… A Gram Blog is weighing in on everything from various products, recipes, and more that families are apt to use.  That’s right, I’m talking about the boring, the dull hum drum stuff that is mundane, routine, and often overlooked.

Personally, as “an average Joan” style is all I know.   Certainly, it is alright to be ordinary!  Embrace your ordinary side and discover the beauty of the ordinary!   

Why a Gram Blog?


Recently, the position of grandmother took on new meaning to me. Remembering  my grandmother and my mother in their role as a grandmothers pointed me in the right direction.  Somehow they scattered bits of knowledge, lessons, and family history in our simple ordinary  everyday.

But even grandmothers don’t have all the answers!  So, that is why I will share with you my experiences.

About Me

BTW, Let me introduce myself… I am Tracey 👵📿 a wife, mother, and grandmother. New England is my home, born and raised.  I did venture out of the area for about 11 years.  We lived on the west coast of Florida.

My “Grandma” name is “Mar or Marme”.  Ironically, I think it is one unique thing about me.  It is an old time New England moniker, rarely used anymore.  I became attached to it from my favorite novel, Louisa May Alcott’s “LITTLE WOMEN”.

While I formally studied Human Services and have an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Office management, I am not a counselor or claim any professional attributes. Its just, “I’ve been there done that!”  So, this blog is simply my collection of occurrences, opinions, and observations. However, I hope you do find useful inspiration or information to help in your own daily life.

An Ordinary Gram’s Role

To sum it all up, sitting in the position of grandmother becomes more philosophical than the physical aspect of parenting.  It is more of a figurehead role. However, part of the job’s requirements is to exhume stability, moral leadership,  continuity, unity, experience, intelligibility, model behavior, act as custodian of the past, trustee of the future, and more.